Solar panel veranda

After living in our new house for two years we wanted to redesign our garden. Part of the requirements was to have a lounge place. The initial idea was to have a pergola where some grapes could grow as a "roof". So initial it was a only rectangular wooden structure.

Later on, we changed our mind and wanted a real roof to have some protection against wind and (light) rain. So the challenge for finding a nice type of roof started. At the same time we were evaluating putting solar panels on our roof to generate a significant part of the electricity we use.

Then the magic moment happened. We could get both for only a single investment! A roof of solar panels!

I found some nice solar panels where the backsheet is transparent, so we get some light from above. The panels are made by the European company Bisol (Model: Lumina).

Next challenge: mounting. The idea is to have a watertight roof. And it should look pretty, since you are very close and see everything of the system while relaxing below. I never knew there are so many different mounting systems for solar panels... Finally I found a system, made by Van der Valk Solar Systems that I could modify to create a nice looking watertight roof.

Now we can get rich while chilling in the garden ;-)